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Medicare and Social Security


Anyone earning less than $138K

By adjusting the percentage taken out, from the weekly paycheck. Medicare and Social Security funding can be at least double. This would take 51 votes on reconciliation vote in the Senate.

Social Security withholding is 6.4% for the first $138k, after this amount no other money is withheld.

Lowering the percentage to 5% in addition to removing the earning cap.

A person earning $1M now pay $8,832  The new adjustment will be $50,000 a increase of $41,168

Someone making $200K pays $8,832 but would pay $10,000 an increase of $1,268

Billions of revenue will be raised with a true FLAT TAX for Social Security.

Medicare (FICA), withholding is currently at 1.45% for the first $200K totaling $2,900

By adding the 1.4% taken from the SSI withholding, the withholding would go to 2.85% basically doubling revenue for Medicare. This should allow for better care and lower prescription drug cost.

Currently after the first $200 an additional .009% is taken out of individual earnings.

A million dollar earning  pays $10,100 in FICA withholding

By doubling the additional  percentage to 2% along with the 2.85% adjustment and moving the cap to $500K a Million dollar earning would pay $14,250 or an additional $4,150 totaling $45,318

$200K earnings would pay $14,532 total addition of $3,900 around $80 a week

Corporate matching wouldn't change, on the labor force total, just at the corporate salary level will matching increase.  

Medicare and Medicaid would be for anyone not covered by employers insurance policies 30 days after leaving an employer. The employee copay deduction will cover the 30 days of the company insurance policy. This is will cover an employee, no matter the reason for termination.

Adjusting the balance sheet employers will have the incentive, to have better coverage explanation will be, on the next page.

American Team Work will take care of US.





Equal Rights

Equal Rights are Human Rights

We believe that all men are create equal, which means: Signing any bills that has passed and are in Mitch's Graveyard.

No one should be put into cages, especially children at any times. 

Education funding should be equally distributed to the largest domination and not to the smallest.

Prison should be about reforming everyone. Housing for prisoner must be standardize and sanitize meeting all health codes. Prisoner are still people, who need educating and reforming, so that they can re-enter society and be productive. Correction should be used as the last resort.

Policing should be done as a community, getting the knowledge of each community, by the smallest nominator not the largest. 

Wages need to be equal across the board no matter, same job same pay. Base pay must be the same, in sales performance bonuses, with the same achievable standards.




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Tax Reform Worker's Salary Cap

Business Balance sheet adjustment

Worker's Salary Cap, 

Total Revenue $3,000,000 $3,000,000 $3,000,000 $3,000,000

Cost of G/S 150,000 150,000 150,000 150,000

Labor wages 600,000 700,000 800,000 900,000

Matching Withhold 47,100 54,950 62.800 70,650

Insurance policy 200,000 200,000 200,000 200,000

Total Labor Exp $997,100 $1,104,950 $1,212,800 $1,320,650

Gross Profit $2,002,900 $1,895,050 $1,787,200 $1,779,350

TAX Rate 15% - 4.459% $ 300,435 $ 195,050 $ 87,200 $ 79,350

Inc. after Sal Cap Tax $1,702,465 $1,700,000 $1,700,000 $1,700,000

Corp Bus EXP

Taxable Income $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000

TAX Rate 5% $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000

Net Profit $ 950,000 $ 950,000 $950,000 $ 950,000


Salary Cap Tax Rate starts at .04459% with labor expenses at 44% or higher.

Finishing tax rate at 15% with labor expense at 33% or lower.

Tax rate up to 1 million 5%

1 mil to 50 mil 8%

50 mil to 100 mil 15%

100 mil to 500 mil 18%

500 mil to 1 Bil 21%

1 Bil and up 25%

Just like when the OG Ford fought the system and made the Model T. He payed his worker $5 an hour

instead of the going rate $2 an hour. Also instituted the 8 hour work day & 40 hour work week

Mr. Ford understood by sharing a little more, and treating the workers humanly everyone profits.

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Tax Reform Individual


Capital Gains, Inheritance, and Estate will be added to after Flat Tax and TAXED, at the individual adjusted rate. 

Line 27 of the 1040 total, less the sum of these deduction

E.I.C. + Health insurance withholding or payment +( 50% of Medication + Co-pays) + Current Child Support "NOT ARREARAGES" promoting paying support on time.

If the amount is less than zero. this amount will be REFUNDED

The average American  will spend their refund their on big ticket items and bills. Recycling of money

Any amount greater than zero will be taxed at 7%

The capital gains, inheritance and estate will be added to amount after Flat Tax.

This will be total wealth income

All other deduction that Congress passes will be taken out from this total

The total after deduction will be taxed as followed:

up to 40 K   3% 40 K to 85 K  5%

85 K to 175 K 10% 175 K to 500 K 15%

500 K to 1 Mil  18% 1 Mil to 250 Mil 21%

250 Mil to 500 M 28% 500 M to 1 Bil 30%

Over 1 Billion 33%

This adjusted tax rate adds, in the 2% wealth tax from Sen Warren's plan. 



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Affordable Housing & Homelessness

This program will enact programs that Rep. Beatty, H.R. 508 & 715.

Sen. Brown & Portman  programs for Veterans housing, along with Poverty, Economic, Mental Health and Substance Abuse care Senate Bills

Candidate Andrew Yang's funding plan

Rev Dr. William  J. Barbers II Poor People Campaign

First The Yang Dollars would be the funding for this program.

Hiring more counselor, mental health workers, financial planners, and working with career & union trade classes.

Executive order if need be, No renters can refuse a person with Section 8 or other government voucher, an available place or price the home out of FMV, to keep voucher from renting a home!

Voucher receiptant must maintain the property. Any destruction of property can lead to loss of renting privilege.

Homeless people break down into these categories: Low wage workers and families, veterans, parolees, young adults, now a person maybe in more than one of these categories.

Setting up counseling at the soup kitchen as well as going out to tent cities, and shelters.

This will be up to a 5 year plan, graduating into self resiliency and home ownership. 

The Hud-Vash system is a great blue print.

Those who need mental health help will receive the needed help.

Building starter apartment complexes and single family home, giving builders tax credit for these buildings. These building and homes can be built in vacant lot's and abandon home. Rural area will have the same opportunities for their children and the homeless, who maybe sleeping in their relative's home. Having these new apartment and homes would allow people with voucher more options to rent or own a place.

Every young adult, who has age out of there home, foster care will have the ability to receive a starter apartment, with all the programs. This will include all college student after leaving school.

Resume writing  and job placement will be available, also teaching good credit building habits.  

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Day Care to Graduation

Combining Sen. Warren, Mayor Pete, and the Columbus Public School Programs and plans.

Title XX for daycare will have standardize child developmental  practices, so that every child will be ready, to enter into preschool.

A livable wage for Day Care workers

Preschool  children entering Kindergarden , in some of the most formative years. We must continue to progress the teaching, so that EVERY child including "special needs"  should knows the basic. President Bush's "No child Left Behind" must be the goal at this stage. The Secretary of Education   will be responsible, to ensure our children are receiving and achieving the basic fundamental to progress successfully through out life. 

Standardize test will not be the only score card for schools

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Speaker Pelosi, Pro Act Plan on immigration, and all other HR Bills that has been passed will be signed.

Marshall Island people will be granted FULL US CITIZENSHIP for compensation for the destruction of their land and the health care they truly need.

H2A and H2V will be increase. Companies who regularly receive the largest share of H2V personnel will be put to the end of the list. Promoting hiring American citizen.  Job listing will be posted in every port of entry processing center. 

All four border will have increase port of entry, agents, human service worker and doctors. Having more entries with processing center should decrease undocumented workers, and exploitation.  This is not just a Southern border issue.

Doctors and health care workers will perform a physical for anyone entering. Physical will not be use to disallow anyone with normal health issues, ie BP, diabetes,  but to ensure no one enters with, an communicable illness.

Processing centers will not have cages but regular rooms and facilities. 

Undocumented workers situation is an employer problem first.

Within the first year all company will have their employment records reviewed unannounced. 

The regulatory fines will be imposed, but production will not be stopped by removing and deporting the workers.

All workers who don't have the correct paper work will be given an Purple non immigrant worker card and will have to pay any back taxes, also their house hold will be register, as non-immigrant workers.

Children under the age of 18 will receive citizenship. 18 to 25 D.A.C.A, who are in any type of school, with a pathway to citizenship. 18 -25 working and in school will receive D.A.C.A. 

This will be performed by IRS, ICE, and Human service, working and communicating together.

Anyone with a Purple card who commits a felony, and is convicted WILL BE DEPORTED!

This information will be given to ICE, so they can do their job, communication between all agencies must be built.

Students who are studying in an professional career that is underemployed and is in critical demand will be granted citizenship upon graduating with full-time employment. 

Border security and immigration must fit and meet this generation needs.

Shipping people over in cargo ships is just as bad as someone traveling by truck or tunnel.

There will be other tough manufacturing jobs opening, that this generation doesn't want to work. Immigration can and must fill this need LEGALLY and HUMANLY!



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This is where combining immigration, economics, environmental, with American Team work comes together. Building and growing America for the next century. I start with monetary to show we can and will pay for this. 

Signing all infrastructure bills that are in Mitch's Graveyard

Issuing $500 billion 20 years bonds along, with an unlimited amount, of US saving bonds starting, at $50 each.

Getting permit for mining precious metals off our oceans floors (CBS 60 minutes) this will produce billions in revenue.

Taxing any export raw material that are used for computer, cell phones, and any new tech product.

Legalization of weed, which will open up intrastate commerce and new tax revenue.

Legalization of sports gambling new tax revenue (Vegas gaming security).

This is where America first applies. Investing into our closed steel factories, by making the cleanest and most innovated steel mills. Great paying jobs for our citizen and the position not filled, that's were immigration employment comes, into filling the open position. This industry will supply all the metal to rebuild, and grow this country.

The steel will be for all the bridges, highways, and roads that needed to be rebuilt (gov't contracts) USA companies only! Employment position opening not filled can be by immigration labor.

Working with the railroad companies and amusement park rail builders, in making  high speed, high tech eco friendly rail that will connect this country like the inter-state highway. (gov't contract) USA companies only! Employment just like all others, any position not filled can be with immigration labor.

Coastal  and low area water pumping station, the Corp of engineers will have, to work out the details, for a water pumping system. 

This must be done in the Auto industry using renewable energy  high horse power vehicles.

Americans love speed and muscle in their cars. Come on Big 3 Auto where are the renewable or battery operated muscle cars? We know your engineers can do this in 20 years all vehicles made should and must be battery or renewable operated cars. If the Government bail out the auto, then the auto should maintain US factories. USA auto made here, should supply America not shipped from another country. Those auto should be for those countries and help building those economies.




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In conjunction with Infrastructure and all bills passed by Congress

Using the Franklin County program for rewiring homes for solar uses, this doesn't require for the most part demoing any walls.

Implementing the best eco-plans from states who have working plans.

Mandating that all new home construction by 2035 will be renewable energy powered. This can start with starter homes and new 1 BR & multi family apartments. Manufacturing the solar panel and other renewable energy, giving tax credits to some companies. Ensuring the supply chain for solar panels and raw materials are used and manufacture in the USA. Position not filled by US citizen can be filled by documented immigrants only.

Wind power where feasible

Water power from the flooded area Army Corp of Engineers can devise and execute a plan

New grass land trees and forestry

Immediately re-entering the Paris Accord



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Abortion is the most difficult choice a mother has to make. I believe this should be between her and her doctor. Prayerfully this is a rare occasion and adoption, when possible maybe a course of action. In the third trimester a woman should in a life or death situation, incest or rape should have that right to abort. Gratefully late term abortion are rarely performed and these 3 reason should only be allowed in late term abortion.



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Gun Control

After all of the lives lost, in the city streets, senseless church, school and other mass shooting. I'm sure we can have a responsible safe gun laws. Terrorist, mentally ill, and minors with out parental supervision shouldn't have access and be cover by the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is for those who love this country and will protect this country in case of terrorist attacks, also for our hunters, and marksmen.

I believe in strengthening the background checks, proper safety storage requirement keeping unauthorized access from firearms. I do believe most weapon and gun owners love this country, but we must end senseless loss of life also.

Congress has weapons bill in Mitch's graveyard and only sensible regulation will be signed.


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